A Children's Missal for sunday mass

Created by KIDS and for KIDS

We are a family of 8 who wanted to create a fun way for kids to engage in Mass.

Thank You for helping us make more illustrations for our books. We passed our goal of $12,000 on Kickstarter and finished with $14,844 !

Here is how we plan to invest that money:

Illustrations - $12,000

Merchandise for backers - $1,000

Hardback books for backers - $4,000

Self Publishing Consultation/Formatting - $1,000

We are hoping to be able to make up the difference by selling pre-orders on our website!

Sample 2nd Reading

HIGHLIGHTS of the book

52 Sundays

6 Holy Days

First Reading, Responsorial Psalm, Second Reading & Gospel Illustrations each week

Full Color Illustrations

Complete NAB text

Will be available Digitally and Hard copy

Sample Gospel

Our Process

Step 1:

Our Mom reads us the Sunday Readings

Step 2:

We sketch the stories how we see them

Step 3:

Our Dad combines & sends our drawings to our Illustrator

Step 4:

McAfee Studios brings our stories to life!

OUR plan

Finish our first book by November 2020

There are 3 years or books in the Catholic Church (A,B & C)

Invest our profits to finish the next book & do the same again for the last book.

Then we want to develop other items like Coloring Books, Stuffies, Bookmarks, Stickers & More!





We are 6 kids who love to play with our friends, sports & video games. This picture is from a Business Pitch Contest where we won $1,000. We invested that money towards a KickStarter Video and more Illustrations so kids would have something to read during the COVID-19 since we couldn't go to church.


Buisness Manager


Head of Sales


Head Kids Illustrator

Ann Marie

Digital Marketing




Moral Support

Tiffany (Spiritual Director)

Kevin (Supervisor)

Travis McAfee - Illustrator

(McAfee Studios)